End of the year

Nights are drawing in and the end of the year is nearing.

It has been one of many changes. At the start of 2011 I had come to the decision that it was time to move on from my role as lead front-end developer. Working in-house on a single application is a great opportunity to define and develop a system that people will enjoy using and achieve their goals exceeding expectation if you do it well.

After 3 years I felt that I was becoming less interested in pushing forward with coding and more in what happens before a project gets to the development phase.

I end this year with the title of User Experience Architect for a digital agency in the UK. Being part of a strategy team feels like where I wanted to be a year ago, leading and working with a problem to find the best possible solution backed up with strong research and expertise.

Over the summer I started to think about what I was going to do with the “Avangelist” brand. Not just with the design site but also the photography site. It’s become harder to think about content and what I am trying to achieve with it. Most of the time this blog is here to act as my note pad, somewhere I can go to grab a link or review a thought I had on a subject in the past to see if it has changed.

Over the Christmas shutdown I’m going to rethink its purpose and look to a new format with one post a month focussed of teaching whatever I have learnt during that period.

Until then, visit http://www.lightmaker.com, where I am now happily digging into versatile projects.