Cookie Wars .net response

I wrote a response to the article on netmag regarding the forthcoming laws on cookie dropping in the UK/EU.

Here is my comment:

As an industry we have seen these kind of regulations before and they get cast aside with great ease.
There is no internet police force because it would be like policing a nation of billions.

This is no different to the laws on enforcing triple A sites or more relevant the use of javascript.

There is nowhere for this argument or regulation to go except for browser side. The fact that it wasn’t pushed there first is appalling. If you want to control the behavior of a website you do it with the viewing device not the site itself.

Think about your TV. If your favourite show comes in looking too orange, do you ring the network and tell them they’re streaming in a colour tone that doesn’t quite suit your taste? No, you grab the remote and change the saturation.

The browser is where this needs to happen purely by numbers, less browsers than sites/pages.