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Friends, Fans and Follows of Social Marketing

Reading the post relating to this topic by Brian Solis left me a little cold. I tend to hate anything relating to marketing yet find myself deep in the belly of the beast day to day and have done for many years, it is a love hate relationship which I cannot escape.

My main gripe comes from the source of the data. It is hardly surprising that if you review a study paid for by ExactTarget that it shows email still comfortably in the middle of the playing field neither being good or bad for generating sales. Considering ExactTarget started as an ESP and continue to promote email marketing as it’s key driver it’s going to look favourable. I am of course not claiming wildly that they have fudged figures, of course not, but you wouldn’t publish a report for Ferrari stating that 80/100 members of the public surveyed stated that Ferrari’s were only driven by moustachoid middle aged men who hate their wives and have gloves to match the tan leather interior.

Here’s what I think of the 3 channels that were reviewed. Continue reading

Why do we have to register to shop online?

It should be childsplay to buy online

We all shop online, whether it is bargain hunters on ebay and amazon or those who simply do not want to deal with the disappointment of out of stock items in stores, from 13-100yrs online shopping is widely accessible.

One of the biggest breakdowns in shopping cart conversions is account registration, so why does account registration still exist? Continue reading

Here There Be Monsters Design

Second show of the year, last week went really well where we headlined Concorde2 to over a crowd of 200+

We got offered this at sort of short notice so put together a little design which follows some ideas I’ve had lately of producing more illustrative concepts for artwork.


What is my destiny?

Unique CSS classes – why not use id?

Recently, I saw a question from @mtrlar which asked why you shouldn’t put a style directly onto a page if it is a class that only appears on a single page?

The prescribed best practice for css & html is to never use inline styles keeping all your style declarations css files. My understanding of this was always that it allowed for global changes from a single file reducing the risk and cost of missing something in a raft of pages. In the case where the class .jumboText appears on a dozen or more pages you can change it once in a single css file rather than multiple times on many files. This principle works providing the class is used multiple times, even if it is multiple times on a single page.

Many people would conclude that if the style only appears once it is unique, if it is unique then you should use id instead of class, this could be wrong. There is a bubbling trend amongst css and html developers for using classes only for styling elements.

In a recent seminar by @adactio, talking about using html5. Jeremy Keith mentioned using the id attribute of an element for javascript Hooks and little else. I am not sure whether I subscribe to this theory just yet, but I can indeed see the benefits.

Over the last few years javascript has come back in a very big way, primarily this has been due to the development of all encompassing frameworks suck as Mootools and jQuery. jQuery has certainly changed the world of javascript and made it more accessible to people who are starting out with javascript authoring, I think I understand more about the basic syntax of javascript now from working with jQuery.

Where am I going with this post? well nowhere in truth, just a few slightly related things that popped into my bubble last week that I wanted to write about. Always put css into a css file rather than on a page, the fact that javascript will write inline styles to an element if you try to manipulate it doesn’t really matter, it’s a surface change which expires the minute you leave the page or manipulate something else.